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12-11-2010, 13:18
I installed the game on the day ofthe release, last friday. Direct from steam. Now, the football manager website says that i dont need to download the patch if i used a digital download, as i would already be playing the patched version. SO. Does this mean, when i start a game, that i use the 11.1.0 Update version (this installed 3 days AFTER i initially intalled my digital version), or do i play with the default database version (which, according to the FM website, should already be the patched version from my initial download?)? Because before my game got patched, i was dfoing fine, and then all of a sudden my whole game was ruined, i couldnt win a single game and players missing point blank etc. So which version do i play?

Cheers for any help.

12-11-2010, 13:29
Play with the 11.1 database, all that means is there is an update inculding the new owners at liverpool and a few other changed to clubs as well as all the 11.1 fixes. basicly steam will automaticly update and just use the latest version it has.

12-11-2010, 14:08
See thats what i thought, but ever since i started using that uodate, i cannot win a single game, and i been playing this for years it's not like i dont know what im doing or how to create new tactics and adjust, its just turned impossible since the patch updated itself. I go out there just expecting to lose, and i do, no matter what. I played three quarters of a season with newcastle with 3 goals on target and one win (cos i went on holiday) :S