View Full Version : Serie A Manager of The Year Award Problem

Ararat Yerevan
12-11-2010, 08:02
Hello I have this problem and I want to know if this is bug or what. I won Serie A with Napoli and 5 games true second season I remember that I never got Manager of The year Award so I wanted to check who got it because I thought it got out of my attention after I checked I was amazed no one got it and not been awarded last winner is Jose Murinho 2008-2009 is this bug or what is this?

12-11-2010, 08:39
I have already alerted SiGames about this. Here the answer.

It is not a bug: awards are given at 30 dicember but FM needs at least one complete season to select the manager of the year. As for this the first manager of the year award will be given at 30 december 2011 and the award will be about season 2010/2011.

In other words, the 2009/2010 award is not given cause is about season 2009/2010, that is not played on FM.

Ararat Yerevan
12-11-2010, 09:36
ok but it means then that it puts Murinho 2008-2009 season Serie A Manager of Year and 2009-2010 just disappears when I watch German or any other everything on place for example on German First Division Van Gaal is the one for the 2009-2010 and Jupp Heynckes for already finished 2010-2011 everything is in order. Anyway I am right now on 24th September 5games 5 wins I hope for second best season I am surprised myself for doing so good first time in my life of playing CM/FM I had such a great season winning Serie A, Italian Cup, and Euro Cup beating Man U in Final 1-0 thanks for Rooney getting send of and I hope for second season but I notice something wrong with transfer market its might be stupid but this is what happened when season finished tried to sell Christian Magio for 20 M Arsenal was interested they gave that money but not straight away they gave it in 48 months rejected it after new season started noticed that his price jumped up to 59m got surprised as hell only two teams interested Chelsea and Att Mad tried to sell him for that price no offers tried to sell him for 30m Chelsea came out with 25m Loan pay 100% wages and no future fee can you imagine now he is on loan on Chelsea for 25m for one season and I get him back fantastic for me but I think this is wrong just totally wrong but works for me.