View Full Version : Crosses, 1on1 bugged? or just a freak game i got going?:P

12-11-2010, 05:53
Now started a game with Liverpool. I am doing well, winning games competing in the top 4 so i'd say my tacctics are OK.

Anyway about 90% of the goals I have conceded have been to crosses or freekicks/corners. Now I tryed changing up in the defence from high to low defensive line, and the pressure on the wings and the markings used in the defence. I have also seen some other posts about people struggeling with this. There are several games where I have won 3-1, 2-1 and a few where I have lost 0-1 or 0-2. But that without the other team having a CCC. They have just got the goal on crosses.

The other thing that I cant wrap my head around is Torres. Now, I know I dont play the players around him wrong because he comes to between 3-5 1on1s each game. And with 1on1 with the keeper I mean he is good past the defence and got good space and time for himself. But he have just score 5 goals in 27 starts. Tryed him as several roles as striker to try and sort it out and nothing works really. And he isnt under any pressure at all when he gets most of those chances, he either hit the goal keeper or he misses the target.

Dont know if anyone els is experiencing that?

Other than that I'm doing fine really, feel I might be scoring abit much goals from distance...

12-11-2010, 06:15
I am enjoying the fact that crosses are no longer useless as they were in FM10. I dont think i've ever scored 1 cross in all my seasons in FM10.

Now, goals finally come from crosses as they do in real life. I find that as long as your center-backs have good positioning, marking and balance they will be able to cover the crosses fine, unless they get caught in a moment where the ball is inbetween them and the net, which is an extremely difficult situation to defend at any level.

The majority of goals lower club teams score is on counter-attacks and crosses, because to be fair, they tend not to have the technique or ability to dribble or do 1-2's that barcelona do to get through. Its either pace or brute strength and height.

On the topic of Torres, I think its more of an issue of finding the right team-talk to motivate him. The more motivated a player is, the less he is prone to making mistakes 1 on 1. Occasionally he can be motivated but not score but thats not down to him being bad, more of the opposition being on form.

12-11-2010, 07:02
Well I do agree, I think its good that you can score on crosses now these days. Because I totaly agree with you, I dont think I scored on one single cross in FM10. Thats why I always played narrow 4-3-3. But I think there are bit to many goals on crosses these days. And I think Agger-Carra got good positioning? dont remember actually :P but yea when I get cought off guard its totaly inderstandeble, but many of the times I dont get cought unbalanced really.

On the Torres subject, yea, Its about motivating him. But when he cant score on that many chances I dont think its down to that really. My backup striker Rossi got around 15 goals in 10 starts and 15 subs. so he is doing allright really. But he also misses most of the 1on1s. but he buts abit more of them in the net than torres tho.

12-11-2010, 08:51
I scored plenty from crosses in FM10 :cool:

I've not noticed a problem with 1-on-1s so far, but then I'm in Serie C1 so I accept that a fair few will be missed. I think it's quite realistic, as when my striker is happy, in form and confident he bangs them in more often than not, but when he's unhappy or unconfident he hits them straight at the keeper or blazes over more often than not.

Tommy Styles
12-11-2010, 09:29
Sell Torres and use your backup striker then! That would make sense to me. Anyway, if he comes through on 1on1 he probably has the right role already. For me the striker who comes through the most is my advanced forward (who also happens to like to beat the offside trap) and I'd say he scores close to 40-50% of his chances, which is pretty good compared to most strikers IRL as well. I believe that the main things, besides motivation, are his finishing and composure skills. Abilities such as "likes to round keeper" or "likes to pass ball into the back of the net" will give an increased chance of scoring in these situations. I also think that in terms of those old sliders it always helped to move the slider a couple notches to the left on the Defence/Attack bar, but I personally haven't touched that since FM09. Hope this is of use to you!