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12-11-2010, 04:26
I like the whole new 'conversation' approach, but I cannot for the life of me understand the mindset of my players. I'm no psychologist, but I'm fairly sure if I presented some of these conversation logs to a clinician they'd have no hesitation in diagnosing them with a suite of mental and mood disorders.

Typical conversation for me:
"Hey [wing back], I was thinking it might be worth focusing on getting forward whenever possible in games..."
"...I think I should leave now before I say SOMETHING I'LL ****EN REGRET!"

What the hell is this!? We can be best buddies, name him as my captain for a couple seasons, but if I ask him to tutor a younger player he starts making calls to hitmen to have me taken care of. There is no middle ground- It seems they're either really receptive to it and think it's the best idea since sliced bread, or they snap and seem never able to forgive me. The club's budget is being wasted on truckloads of pills for bipolar, Tourette's and schizophrenia.

Just then I had a news item saying that my top striker saying that he wanted to have a chat, apparently to let me know that he was keen on a move to a bigger club. He's way too good for the club, so I'm very understanding of this. We're in 2nd, halfway through the season, locked on points with 1st, so I want him around a little while longer: "I'll let you go at the end of the season". However, he insists that he wants to leave, so I reluctantly agree to let him go as soon as possible. I thought I was very reasonable about this; After a short discussion I'd just agreed to sell my top striker, because he wants to leave, even though it's clearly not in the best interests of the team. But apparently I was an arsehole...
Immediately 5 players have news items saying they're unhappy about how I've treated him! Was I supposed to give him a lollipop on the way out and lend him my wife? I gave him EXACTLY what he wanted. So I told two of these guys that I may have been out of line and it won't happen again, to which they reply "I don't believe you". For goodness sake, grow up... Aside from putting the foot down and telling them if they don't get over it then they're being transfer listed, I have no reasonable options to select from so I have to leave the conversation there and now half the team hates me.

It's all absurd really. It's like managing an under 13s ADHD squad. If I show any signs of patience and tolerance, they walk all over me; If I get a bit assertive they have a tantrum and plot to ruin my life.

12-11-2010, 06:09
Yeah, I've had a couple of funny convos as well. My season was going well, every one was happy and then I asked Carragher to mentor Wilson. Be damned if the entire team didn't want me dead. It was like I asked them to fight to the death will I watched and laughed. Wilson immediately requested a transfer, Carra hated my life, and the rest of the guys hated me for how I treated them.

Managers need to have a people skills rating, with mine being a flat 0.

12-11-2010, 06:24
Since interactions have such a giant impact on the game, I tend to do comments on players Whenever I Can and I am certain I will get it right. (i.e. Average Rating in 5 games of 8.0, say highest praise of form). This in turn results in them saying "They feel they have a good relationship with you".

If you get the whole team to think that way, I don't think you would be having that problem.

Another way to get them to like you is by asking them if they can suggest a coach. I asked Terry and Cole for coach suggestions and they said Eastick. Signed him and they were pleased with me.

Lastly, I tend to put a heavy training schedule and this allows you to interact with players again based on training levels. If someone is struggling to break through first team despite being given opportunity, you can tell him to step up his training levels. This will pretty much make you one of his favorites and will produce a really good performance next game (Told neymar this after giving him 8 games where he got an average rating of only 6.5. After saying it i gave him 1 more chance. He scored 4 goals)

Tutoring is really weird this year so I am extremely cautious. Its a hit and miss.

Lastly, the whole "I will leave now before I say something I regret". Just ignore it. It doesn't mean anything. It actually means I am disappointed with how this talk went.
Don't over think it.

underwater sunlight
12-11-2010, 15:18
conversations are a bit too ahrsh at times but as Novox says, get your players to like and respect you before suggesting new things.
prove yourself to them first otherwide you severely limit the likelyhood of them listening to you