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12-11-2010, 03:13
Im currently managing Tottenham and have just finished my 2nd season. First season I finished 2nd, won the league cup and the champions league. Second season I finished 5th and won the champions league again, both times beating Real Madrid in the final.

All of the Real Madrid squad are unhappy and Ronaldo would join but the board won't sanction enough money to buy him even after me asking them.

I have also been offered Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid for 6.75m, I've had a bid of 4.8m accepted for David Silva from Man City and a bid of 4.6m for Mario Barotelli also from Man City accepted.

How are these players playing on other peoples games, and should I buy all three? I am playing with pretty much the squad I started the game with only I signed Carlos Tevez at the end of last season for 22.5m after he was unhappy and handed in a transfer request at Man City. How come they sell all their big money buys?!

Advice needed please. :)

12-11-2010, 04:00
Ramos, Ronaldo, Balotelli, Silva and Tevez after 2 seasons all wanting to leave and for cheap prices.....very unrealistic.

The transfer system without a doubt needs looking at.

12-11-2010, 23:38
Well to be fair, both Silva and Balotelli had not been chosen as part of the 25 man squad so were frozen out due to Man City buying more and more players... which is quite realistic really lol :) But yeah, Ronaldo wouldn't want to leave Real Madrid after just 2 years I would not have thought, but stranger things have happened I guess.