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12-11-2010, 02:13
Right guys heres the situation .

Chelsea - Said i would win the league so had 66 million to play with ,

Brought in :- Edin Dzeko , Neymar , Mexes , Pienaar , Albiol , Senna , Donovan

My Formation :- cech

Ivanovic Terry Albiol Cole

Lampard Essien Pienaar

donovan/Anelka Malouda /Neymar / Zhirkov


I play a balanced , Attacking , donovan as an inside forward , Malouda Winger , Essies Ball Winner , Lamps Deep Lying Playmaker , Pienaar Centre Mid .
Tell The Team To Be Expressive , Press Teams , And Go Man For Man Defensivly and the passing style is more direct .

Now my team seems to be doing ok but my main worry is that my main striker weather it be edin dzeko or didier drogba they just do not seem to be scoring
and its worrying because if it wasnt for essien piennar lamps and maloudas goals i would struggling alot .

i have tried playing drogba as the advanced forward , poacher , complete forward and target man none of which seems to pay off for the big man same with edin dzeko ?

would i maybe be better trying them upfront together ? or with neymar up to with one of them ?

another problem is naymar , how do i get the best out of him hes unsetlled at the moment i am only in october and ive sent him on a break to clear his head .

lucky for me these problems so far havnt resulted in me falling out the title race , im lying 2nd 1 point off the top and 2 wins for 2 in the champs league , Real Madrid being one of my scalps which i took pride in lol .

anyway guys hope u lot can give me some opinions and that , thanks alot

Frazz x

12-11-2010, 02:51
I think your main problem is the fact that you brought way too many people in way too fast. I am also playing as Chelsea and I am currently around 18 points ahead of 2nd place in late January.

I brought in Neymar, Paulo Henrique and Adil Rami. I also bought Lukaku but I sent him on loan to Atletico Madrid right away.

Both Drogba and Anelka are sitting with 15 goals each and are playing freely. Ashley Cole is top assister and Malouda is shining.

I don't see how you thought of it necessary to buy so many players, especially when i couldn't even register my current team with the current players i bought for Champions League and I struggled registering players for the Premier League.

Your striker problem? Mostly due to the fact that they are both the Exact Same type of player side by side. You cant expect them to play exceptionally well together but if you leave them playing together for a long time, I guess it is possible they will gel. I suggest you do either a match preperation concentrating on Blend or Attacking Movements and you

Whatever your choice, One of the forwards must be support, the other can be attack. Otherwise there will be a lack of link between your midfield and attack. Probably best to set Drogba as a complete forward attack, Dzeko as a complete forward support. with manual modifications as you see fit.

underwater sunlight
12-11-2010, 15:35
my strikers have struggled in a lone striker role this year, but i still play with a 4-5-1 (3CM, 2 AM's L and R)
my central midfielder is an advanced playmaker set to attack, and the left and right sided CM's are set as central midfoelders set to support with the AM's as attacking inside forwards and i get a lot of goals back from them.
i play my strikers as poachers as i expect a lot of efforts from my midfield 5 and he should be there for rebounds as well as making his own chances.

it may be worth playing with the advanced tactics and modifying the wingers/inside forwards crossing to drilling them into the 6 yd box.