View Full Version : how does the game decide which players to leave out of your large database?

07-11-2010, 13:32
ive started a new game with a large database and with england, spain and italy ticked. the game tells me there is 22000 players. yet, when i look for two players i know for a fact are highly rated in real life and up coming world stars i frustratingly cant find them.

the players are in the database when you choose their nations. the game rates them highly (not just my opinion) but when it comes to a search with top divisions open, theyre not there.

the players im talking about are frenchman Blaise Matuidi (21 youth caps) and argentinian diego buonanotte (14 youth caps). both are 23/22 years playing for big teams and with national reputations. both have had fantastic write ups in fourfourtwo and the Times. blaise was named in the magazine for being in the top 100 players your club shold sign in 2009 in the 'big money signings' catagory and diego was named in the Times' top 50 up and coming world rising stars in 2009.

anybody who knows or has heard of these players will confirm they are both quality prospects so im at a loss to know why they are not showing up with a large database and with the top 3 footballing nations open. espescially when both are there when you do the same with FM10.

i appreciate you can refine your database more with FM11, but to leave these two out on an uncustomed large database is just a travesty. espescially when most people dont like to tinker around with such things anyway.

what my question is, to those that know, is how does the game decide which players to put in and leave out with regards to a large database? espescially considering its decided to frustratingly leave out two world class prospects?

07-11-2010, 13:37
Just do a custom database instead of Large.