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24-10-2010, 16:19
I saw that a lot of players who IRL are great players and in FM2011 they are just average.
For Example, Gareth Bale, Adam Johnson, Thomas Muller ( Technical Attributes), Milos Krasic and etc.
So my question is, is it possible for some of there attributes to be improved in the release day patch?

24-10-2010, 16:47
Many of these players have already been discussed in the relevant threads in the Data Issues forum, so check in there to see if there will be any changes.

24-10-2010, 17:53
TBH Attribute discussion is not what the data forum is for.

It is unlikely these attributes will be redone for the first patch, and neither they should. All these players look ok. More to do with the fact you and many others don't actually understand what an average attribute rating is.