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23-10-2010, 13:15
Going through my 2nd 6 months of the demo now

One thing I have noticed is that every time a player goes clean through, they very very rarely score against the keeper, in fact I don't think I've seen one yet, even when there's no defenders around and no pressure.

Anyone else experienced this?

23-10-2010, 14:56
Yeah I have this too. Most of them have fallen to Defoe, who, to be fair, doesn't actually score that many from 1 on 1s but he's not put any away and had more than 10 opportunities like this.

23-10-2010, 14:57
I've noticed this too.

23-10-2010, 15:57
seen it several times and seen several goals scored :S

23-10-2010, 16:29
I've had pretty good success with One on Ones. I've had players round the keeper and one who has twice managed to chip the on rushing keeper. All those were in friendlies though, as I can't get very far into the game as it crashes too often on my machine.

23-10-2010, 22:54
Yes the one on one conversion rate needs to be increased dramatically for me! The likes of Messi and Villa are far more likely to miss in the game, where as IRL you put them odds on to score!!! Needs sorting for me!

23-10-2010, 22:57
There is alot of one on ones being missed from what I've seen thus far.

23-10-2010, 22:58
its atleast not close to as bad as it was in 10,2....