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13-09-2010, 12:00
I am going to start the game with the club I support Hull City. I hope that the board are protrayed as they are at the club as present in that we must slash the wage bill after our fall from the premiership.

With so many millions of pounds worth of players on high wages already out on loan to cut the wage bill, I hope the boards aims are protrayed in the game 'to stabilise the club and reduce the wage bill' , when I take over. This will be a realistic target for the club in the game.

If not I would be able to cancel the loans of the million pound players and have a better attempt at promotion, which wont be as realistic as it isnt protraying the club at present. It would be fantastic for if you brought a player back off loan with a high wage to face the wrath of the board and the sack as you are playing with the clubs financial future.

13-09-2010, 12:35
The board expectations will be calculated by the game with regard to the ability of the squad at the beginning of the game and the club's reputation, amongst others.

Experience shows that in the first year the game is very rarely giving unrealistic expectations.

13-09-2010, 14:24
You won't be able to cancel the loans. As for your wage budget, that will be set by the Hull researcher (I don't know who that is any more) and it will be realistic.

13-09-2010, 17:17
You should also consider the standard contract clause included within the game, 25% wage reduction on relegation. Which really does help in a lot of ways.

Also, those players on 'big' contracts, some of them will have no problem in leaving and at a reasonable price for you. So, whilst it can be seen as a huge problem, it can also be, if used astutely, a big benefit for the club to re-establish itself in the Championship (or any other lower league). It means it should be easier for to recruit players of sufficient quality for the championship to push for promotion again.

From a finance point of view, its not difficult to manage at all. Despite how its represented in the game database.

13-09-2010, 19:48
Hello fellow Hull fan.

I expect we'll have no transfer budget and we'll be over our wage budget just or right on it. Should be good fun managing Hull because of the financial situation. Also Oli should be able to be recalled as he can be recalled in real life.