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elliott macca
03-09-2010, 16:32
i really need some help. i am about to install football manager 2010 for about the 6th time. i have tryed everything. i had the game working perfectly for months but now it will not work. everytime i install i get the same (ish) error. when i click to play, the game will start to come on them it will come on saying ' Football Manager Has Stopped Working Error 10.3...... -- Many Number After It Usually Different EachTime. Even if i dont install the patch it does it again ' Football Manager Has Stopped Working Error 10.3........ even when i dont use steam it does the same thing. this has happened ever since i updated to windows 7, it was fine before when i was using windows vista but now i cant do anything. i really need help installing, i have disabled my firewall. can anybody please help me. now im 16, im not great on computers, if i tell me to do something eg update drivers etc please can u explain to me how to do it, im not computer expert, just a football manager 2010 expert. thanks i need the help :) Elliott

03-09-2010, 16:44
The most common fix for the game failing to launch is that you need to verify your skin cache. To do so, right click on the FM icon and then select properties > local files > verify integrity of game cache.

Then you should update your DirectX, download and install from the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...displaylang=en

This should solve the issue.

elliott macca
03-09-2010, 16:46
i think ive posted this in the wrong thread, sorry it is now i the right place u can delete this, and joe when i click the link it says sorry the page cannot be found.

03-09-2010, 16:48
Here's a new link - http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/directx.html

And yes, this should be in the technical issues forum but it probably wont get moved.