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23-08-2010, 15:20
How many players have you had called up to internationals in one go? all ages apply :)

i just set my new PB of 39, only 17 are full internationals now

i have 67 players, probably all think my squad is ridiculously big but oh well so do i haha

Ninja Monkey
23-08-2010, 15:22
That is a lot, think the most I have had is 20, and about 7-8 of them were full internationals

23-08-2010, 15:24
From The Records Thread (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/158478-The-FM10-Records-Thread?p=5786219#post5786219):

Most Players Called Up (All Levels) - santa - Juventus - 46 - Proof (http://www.ghoblo.com/46_players_for_international_duty_21_march_2013.jp g)
Most Players Called Up (Senior) - robzilla - Frankfurt - 21 - Proof (http://giantrhino.co.uk/fm/17-called-up.png)