View Full Version : Bulgarian league + Champions league squad problem!!

21-08-2010, 15:43
OK, so i qualified for the CL and for some reason i cannot select my squad....i've inluded at least 5 players from my youth and reserve team trained by my club.


can anyone help?

just to add i have all the recent patches installed

21-08-2010, 15:49
Although you have selected four or five young 16yos they don't count as home-grown until they have spent three seasons at your club as shown by the error message and the yellow warning at the bottom of the screen.

The way round it is to leave gaps so only register 21 players - The gaps will count as trained at club players.

You won't lose out either as U21s don't need to be registered and will be free to play in the matches.

21-08-2010, 15:52
thanks man :)