View Full Version : Worst premier league team ever?

22-07-2010, 00:10
Derby County 07/08
Watford 23/24 with 11 points consisting of 2wins 5draws and 31losses scoring only 14 goals and conceding 100

22-07-2010, 00:15
on my old toon save, i think there was a team that went w0-d8-l30

22-07-2010, 00:17
at least they lost less games haha

22-07-2010, 02:02
Southend's first and only year in the EPL in my save :p


Crazy Billy-Jay Jones
22-07-2010, 02:53
2014-15 Reading went down with 10 points, just 2 wins and 4 draws.

Aside from that, Portsmouth went down last season with 15 and Watford and QPR have both gone down with 19, nothing too extreme really. Looks like it could be another season for 20th placed low points tallies, Crystal Palace currently have 7 points from 20 games.

22-07-2010, 05:58
Mega Watford with only 4 points! The draw was a 0-0 draw with Newcastle and they beat Wigan 1-0 with only 3 games to go. So close to going all season with only 1 point!