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21-07-2010, 22:42
Anyone else think this is a little underdone?

An entry more like the wikipedia entries with the Games, W D L F A and Win % and dates of every team you've managed, plus an Honours page, separating individual awards and team cups you've won. (instead of that competition page where all you see is every round of the cup you played in) would be cool.

21-07-2010, 22:47
I agree.
Too much trivial info.
Not enough of the "good stuff"

23-07-2010, 06:24
Absolutely - need more of this.

I remember CM93-94 where you could print out results. This should be taken to the next level where you can publish your game details online - kind of like a FM Wiki. It would retain manager stats, fixtures, awards.

Charge a fee. I'd pay.