View Full Version : B-team affiliates and players moving freely

Josh Bad
21-07-2010, 21:51
Messing around in the editor with this, I created my own league system where the B-team affiliated clubs play in a lower league, while players can move freely between teams.

Starting as a manager of one of the B-teams, I have found that whenever I sign a good player or a player does well, the manager of the parent club moves the player to his squad, but never plays him because of the quality of players he already has! Which means my miserly transfer budget is being wasted...

Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a general AI thing or dependent on the manager?

23-09-2010, 20:44
Bump... curious about this, too. How do you acquire players and keep them on your roster? Do "parent" clubs send players down to replace the ones they steal? I've noticed there are a number of B-teams in the Mexican 2nd tier. It would be valuable to know how these work, so I might enjoy playing in this league.

La Furia Roja
23-09-2010, 22:43
the parent club will take any club that they feel they may need because there is usually a rule that they can only play a certain number of players that are registered for the B team in a season, for example in Spain its 6, smaller teams rely on their B side so if they let you have them and register them they can only choose 6 of those players.

Also, yes teams to drop their poorer players down, you see it in the news items quite regularly