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21-07-2010, 15:41
hi lads just thinkin of changin my laptop, was gonna get a toshiba satellite l450-16q.
specs.. intel celeron m900 processor
2 gb of ram
320 gb hard disk
runnin on windows 7.

will this be good enough to play fm10 and fm11 when its out do you guys think??

21-07-2010, 15:44
More RAM would be ideal. 4GB is nice. But 2GB should be fine really. Depends how you play the game really (duration, leagues and players, etc)

21-07-2010, 15:45
cool. do you think windows 7 would be a problem.

21-07-2010, 16:13
My brother runs FM on windows 7 and he's never had any problems with it.

21-07-2010, 16:19
My only advice would be stay away from Celerons. Budget processor - Pentium is the way to go if you want an Intel

21-07-2010, 18:53
Should we just have one thread for all these laptop questions. Im sick of the forum being clogged up with them.