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21-07-2010, 14:44
Is there a way, in the editor, to make teams want players, i.e. Real Madrid want Vidic?? Either by a direct function within the editor or a way around it.
Also, can you make players unhappy at their clubs?

Many Thanks

21-07-2010, 14:58
You can create transfer roumers? but no i don't think so - there might be on FMRTE .. such as putting Vidic's favourite club as real madrid ect , and just let it 'happen'

21-07-2010, 17:06
There is no way really. However you can make players want to leave using FMRTE or transfer them to another club.

21-07-2010, 18:34
Also is there a way of stopping man city from trying to sign my best players and all my coaching staff, constantly?

21-07-2010, 18:40
Not really. Presumably you and them are both big clubs that both want the best coaching staff and players and you have some of those. Unless you make them smaller or have less money or whatever.

22-07-2010, 08:52
FMRTE?? sorry, bit of a newbie to all of this....is it downloadable and easily installed? I dont use steam.

22-07-2010, 20:01
FMRTE is an ingame editor. You need to download it. There is a thread over in the editors hideaway about it if you want to take a look.