View Full Version : Penalty taking logic

21-07-2010, 13:43
Would like to know the logic behind penalty taking - i know one of the features is if someones scored 2 goals who usually doesnt take a penalty and a penalty is awarded they get a go at grabbing a hattrick - i'm fine with that although i've had at least one occaission where its been 2-2 and the persons missed due to rubbish penalty taking skills.

But this time my main penalty taker was also on 2 goals - in fact he'd got 2 before the other guy so surely in real life he would of taken the first penalty himself in an attempt of a hattrick


I'm not complaining, hell i got 2 penalties and absolutly hammered the other team but surely if the games to be realistic it should of awarded the 1st penalty to the normal taker so he could get his hattrick.

21-07-2010, 14:14
you make a good point... i think its just one of those things...
pretend the guy who took the first penalty was extremely selfish and pushy... pretend he has drogba's mentality :P

21-07-2010, 14:24
yesterday i was playing as arsenal, and arshavin had scored twice. we won a penalty which he proceeded to miss, then won another penalty which he happily stepped up for and missed again. we won 2-0 but it would have been nice to score them.