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20-07-2010, 20:20
I was looking over them and there seems to be a few that I have achieved yet not received like winning the confederations cup, qualifying for an international tournament (World Cup), winning an international tournament (World Cup), doing the double (Spanish league and cup) and there are a few more. How come they are not unlocked on my steam?

20-07-2010, 20:40
some dont seem to like unlocking for some reason, although it has been said on here a couple of times that to get "do the Double" you might have to win the MLS and the cup that goes with that. as for International tournaments, they refer to the European Championships, African Nations Cup etc, the World Cup has its own achievements.

they dont unlock if you are in offline mode, but other than that i'm not sure

20-07-2010, 20:43
I achieved 'do the double' by winning the Premier League and the FA Cup.

20-07-2010, 20:52
Yeah I used to play on offline mode a lot, but I thought Steam would automatically figure it out once I am back to online mode. I'm pretty sure I did the double on online mode, as well as top the hall of fame, yet they remain unlocked. And even though I can do the double again, if I already top the hall of fame what can I do? Does anyone know what happens if you achieve all 60?

20-07-2010, 21:00
I achieved 'do the double' by winning the Premier League and the FA Cup.

really? I've done that twice in a row now and nothing has come up. although I havent won the permier league and FA Cup together as my only trophies, when they have been won they are in conjunction with the League Cup and the CL.

For the Hall of fame, the only thing i can think off is deleting the hall of fame file and starting from scratch on it but i wouldnt be able to tell you where to find it, sorry.

20-07-2010, 21:59
Did anyone get the double hattrick achievement? I know one of my players scored 6 goals in a game but it didn't unlock.

20-07-2010, 23:15
Yep, got the double hattrick achievement, unlocked 51/60 achievements so far.

20-07-2010, 23:25
What happens if you get them all?

20-07-2010, 23:28
Then ... you have them all.

20-07-2010, 23:31
Rather disappointing. Was hoping for something bigger like a secret 61st Achievement or being declared the God of FM or something.

20-07-2010, 23:40
you get a warm fuzzy feeling, and the urge to move onto another game and complete all the achievements for that as well. thats why TF2 is so fun. 364 achievements to get, and I've only got 80. although they do unlock as you get them.

16-08-2010, 17:47
Do you have to be online through steam to get the achievements??

16-08-2010, 18:36
Yes you do.

16-08-2010, 20:53
Thanks m8 :-)

16-08-2010, 20:57
Could somebody help with this achievement - The Professor
You have gained at least 75% scouting knowledge for your club - What does this mean

16-08-2010, 21:28
If you go to the scouting page for your club there should be a tab called scouting knowledge. In there you can see the scouting knowledge of your club (if a coach is french he will have full knowledge in france and in the countries he coached in). If a scout scouts a country he will aquire knowledge of that country, it can be seen in his profile. To get 75% of the knowledge your going to have to manage in a hell of a lot of countries mate.

17-08-2010, 18:53
I tried to get my last Steam achievement: 3 continental cups in 3 different continents. I got Champions league with an English team, Asian Champions League with a Korean team, and Copa Libertadores with a Brazilian team, but the achievement was not got. Indeed I see that it is at 0%. Does it work, or not?

19-08-2010, 18:11
By the sounds of it the achievements aren't working for some people, they work fine for me. For FM11 I' guess this will be fixed.