View Full Version : game wont load

20-07-2010, 18:40
as the title says my current saved game wont load anymore and i was wondering whether anyone could help me get it back? thanks

20-07-2010, 18:42
Do your other saves load?

20-07-2010, 18:45
yes but i'm not as far into them as i am this one

20-07-2010, 18:56
Have you a backup of that saved game?

It is highly likely that the saved game file has been corrupted. Although one possible reason it won't load could be because you are running the game on a previous patch. Are you?

20-07-2010, 19:05
its on version 1 still because i havent got round to download 2 or 3. there are some backups but they are half way through the season

20-07-2010, 19:09
So you have always played the game on that version?

If so, the game is most likely corrupted and you will have to just use one of the backups to continue the game. The best thing to do is enable autosave in options and also the rolling or incremental autosave. That will mean you will always have a backup that is more up to date providing you let it autosave rather than manually saving.