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20-07-2010, 11:50
Im starting a new game today , i know that .. full day off and the weather is terrible and everyone else in my household are at work.
I tried to start one with United , got bored ... started on with West ham and just wasn't feeling it - could anyone reccommend a fun yet serious game?
English though please , i would also like to add i like the feeling of being promoted .. and having money to spend

Thanks ,

20-07-2010, 11:57
Depends on what you want from the game fella.

I've recently started a new save with Liverpool with the aim of clearing the debts (this includes becoming a selling club and buying as cheap as possible).

I've found that if you start a game that you're familiar with, but add some twists to it, it can become fun.

Liverpool with only English players to be bought.
Man Utd to clear the debts
Portsmouth to stave off the financial difficulties.

Things like that.

20-07-2010, 12:00
the liverpool one sounds fun , have you sold torres or gerrard? i just keep becoming bored and un-interested quickly ..

20-07-2010, 12:01
Hey DJJOEYT i was just signed in as you about 5mins ago

20-07-2010, 12:04
No, I haven't sold them. I'll only sell for profit players that come through my youth or young players bought (takes a while).

I thought about selling Torres as he could fetch close to 65 million but the only interested team were Man City and I don't want to be strengthening them really.

20-07-2010, 12:04
what? how :thdn:

20-07-2010, 12:06
i wouldn't sell stevie , but i could see torres bringing in a nice wod of cash to spend on say , ashley young? g.cahill? ... + of coarse joe cole on a free :thup:

20-07-2010, 12:34
I always found Arsenal fun :)

Continuing with Wenger's policy of signing them young and selling them by the time they are ~30 is pretty cool. I tend to enjoy buying young players anyway, so it fits me perfectly. The players are pretty talented, as are the young players already there. You might struggle to win much the first couple years, and the finances are a struggle to keep under control. You start out with a transfer budget of 25m but your bank balance will quickly take a nosedive and you'll be forced to sell players just to break even. The loan repayments are a ***** :P

So you'll have limited resources, but the potential to sign at least one big name player right at the start. Combined with massively talented youngsters, that you could be forced to promote earlier than you'd like to fill spots in your team left empty by being forced to sell the older, more talented guys.

"You'll win nothing with kids" springs to mind, but can you? Just hold on to Fabregas and van Persie, or you'll never win anything :)

20-07-2010, 12:42
Well, I'm on a downloaded database where Cole was released on a free so I snapped him up.

I'm not going to sell him, I couldn't do it. lol

I find Arsenal fun and the loan repayments, though not nearly as bad as Liverpools, are a pain. They seem to have a high wage bill but the ticket prices bring in the money.

20-07-2010, 12:42
southampton, they have 1,000,000 transfer and have points deducted.

20-07-2010, 12:55
Try West Brom in the Championship, think you get about 5m to spend and you have a strong squad to start with so promotion should be easy and you then have the fun of trying to keep them up....

20-07-2010, 14:05
Cheers guys, going to give Arsenal a go on this downloaded database .. Chamack looks awsome and gives me the chance to maybe pay the loan payments of by selling eduardo or some other dead wood , like that danish lump they stick up front and call a football player - also saw robert pires on a free , thinking of bringing him back , he's been awsome on trail

20-07-2010, 14:12
I always load about 6 leagues and start unemployed, and try to always apply for jobs at better clubs lol (steve bruces) I aint a fan of starting with your favourite club that you have supported for 57 years, although a lot of people do that.

Try this for a challenge: Take over a leageue 1 team with potential, and get them promoted, and the following year resign adn take over another league 1 team.

BTW DJJOEYT,I think the forums were buggered, everyone had different log ins for about 10 mins

20-07-2010, 14:23
when i get bored i start of with international management, this helps the game progress faster and thus when i make the decision to move into club management there is a whole range of new youngsters/stars and different aesthetics in the leagues. for me this is what i like

20-07-2010, 14:27
Try someone in the Championship that isn't Newcastle or West Brom... a middle of the table team perhaps?