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20-07-2010, 09:47
Okay, I'm looking for Laptop to purely run FM10 with Patch 10.3, a few skins and logo packs. I will also be transfering my saved game from the desktop which is in the season 2030/31. The laptop needs to powerful enough for me to carry this game on to at least 2060-2070.

I have a budget of 300-400.

But I'm asking you guys for help as I don't know what specs/attributes make a laptop great for long term saves.

Thank you in Advance.

20-07-2010, 12:39
I can't help, not too good with computers, but i LOVE the fact someone's buying a WHOLE COMPUTER, just to play Football Manager on.

You are my hero ;)

20-07-2010, 13:58


20-07-2010, 14:12
try the dell outlet uk store, they are laptops and pc's that have been sent back either faulty, slight marks on the case or unwanted, either way they are all refurbished to new and sold with full 1 year wuarantee, and cost less than new prices, ill pm you with my recomendation

20-07-2010, 19:34
The dell outlet has only had terrible deals (more expensive than new) the last few times I've looked, plus it is mainly cancelled corporate orders so there isn't much in the way of machines with a decent graphics card, which you will want to run the 3D smoothly.

I think you should look to stretch to 500-550 as the step up in quality from the 400 area is HUGE. The kind of computers sold in the 300-400 range are usually pretty much obsolete already.

At the minimum, look for a core 2 duo processor or a core i3 if you can afford one, 2GB ram (4 is useful but don't bother if the computer has Windows XP). Look for a 250GB+ hard disk and a 512MB+ dedicated graphics card.

If you find a computer with a 7200rpm hard disk that is VERY useful for FM, but in your price range it's unlikely.

20-07-2010, 19:38
For 400 you're not going to get much better than an integrated graphics card, which if you wish to view the 3D match engine will probably be rubbish.

For long term saves the faster/more powerful laptop the better, but will cost more than alot more than 400

21-07-2010, 02:10
A Lenovo G550 will set you back 420 with a decent graphics card, 3Gb RAM, 300Gb HDD, decent dual core processor. I have it, minus the graphics card because I'm tight and therefore minus 40.

21-07-2010, 04:56
Check this out:

Nice machine for that price, Dual CPU and GPU is sufficient enough to play FM

22-07-2010, 00:36
Problem with that machine is I don't think 768px is enough resolution to get away without scrollbars on the attributes, which are REALLY annoying.

22-07-2010, 11:16
I bought my first PC just from playing CM97/98 round a friends house one amazing weekend!! Buy any fairly new laptop as having a fast or bigger harddrive doesnt speed the game up that much in my opinion, does anyone know how it runs with these solid state drives as I will invest in one of them if its quicker? also does anyone know where I can get a laptop that will run CM3.........?

22-07-2010, 12:51
I brought an acer for 350 with an intergrated graphics card but 256mb dedicated and theres nothing wrong with the 3D graphics at all.