View Full Version : A Question about Manager contract offers

19-07-2010, 14:23
I've never tried it before, but is it possible to dramatically lower the contract club owners offer you when your 'contract' is up for renewal.

Sure, if it was real I would try and bleed them for every penny, but as it is completely irrelevant could I re-negotiate my 105,000 a week salary to like 5 and then I'll have extra money in the wages pot for players?

19-07-2010, 14:27
When I've tried this in the past the minus button is greyed out so I could only increase what I was asking for. Bit daft really since you can't do anything with the money you earn. Suppose it's a good indicator of how well you're doing though.

19-07-2010, 15:19
You can't negotiate a lower deal than you're already getting.