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19-07-2010, 14:21
i have played Fm ever since it was first created. i own every single version that has been released and i have come to the conclusion that there is something missing that i would like to see in future releases. As a manger, the teams we get contracted to pay us for our albility to manager the club, and as far as i know thats the end of it ?. I would like to see an add-on were as you can use your manager income to buy shares in your favorite football team, you could also buy and sell shares in other clubs also with a clause that if you get offered a position in another club they could make you sell your exsisting shares at a profit/loss depending on price. this would add an interesting angle to the game as you could become chairman of your favorite club if enough shares are bought and you could invest into this club as and when, ? (until your fortune runs out that is ? ).Dont know how hard this would be to add onto the game but i for one would love it ? Thoughts please ?

19-07-2010, 14:22
this is OTF. General Discussion has a thread on future wishes.

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19-07-2010, 14:23
Ffs. Not again.

It's called FIFA Manager, look it up.

19-07-2010, 14:24
Moved this as Ruckus was closing it - my bad.