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19-07-2010, 11:20
I've seen a few similar threads on this but none of them are working for me. Basically I get the following error message when I try & play FM2010 on my Mac:

football manager 2010 v 10 . 0 . 0 f 80362 quit unexpectedly

I have the PC version that I purchased yesterday (i was told it would work ok on the mac).

I've downloaded the patch as per the instructions on other threads but still no luck.

I'm 99% sure i'm doing something wrong, but what?! I'm only about a month into owning a mac, which doesn't help.

Does anybody have any ideas?


19-07-2010, 13:08
The error you're getting says that you're running the unpatched version, did you install the 10.3 patch?

19-07-2010, 22:34
Yep, I've downloaded and installed 10.3. I can only assume it's a fault from my end as everybody else can get theirs to work. I've installed FM2010 into the Sports Interactive Folder in Documents, then tried the patch both in that folder and in the application folder. I also tried putting FM in applications as well.

When I install the patch (following the prompts) I can't seem to find it once it's installed and i think this is my problem.

Honestly... I think a chimpanzee would have a better grasp on this.

19-07-2010, 23:22
Success! I uninstalled, shut down & started from scratch and now it works perfectly. I appreciate your time, Neji. Thanks!

19-07-2010, 23:36
I'm not sure I was too much help but, you're welcome :D

Glad you got it working :thup: