View Full Version : Help with a work permit issue

18-07-2010, 21:37
Hi to all

into my 5th season of current save and just been lucky enough to get spain job:thup:

however when I reurend to my club(man u) for next game I saw that the 2 spanish players Ihave had wp alongside them.............couldnt select them for the next game???? this is november so why now and not before

I have also checked through squad and any players with spain as nation/second nation is showing the same:mad:

I have checked that Spain is still showing up as EU nation etc.................the only way I could resolve it was to change the players via FMRTE to english as second nation via the realations tab.....................but this isnt ideal at all as I have scouted 2 very good young spanish prospects to sign (regens) who have no relations showing up on fmrte so I cant sign them work permit declined????

any ideas why this has happened straight after taking spanish job

18-07-2010, 21:58
You should report this as a bug because obviously a Spanish player should not need a work permit.

18-07-2010, 22:00
it looks that way..........wonder what happens if I pack in the spanish job will give that a try but what a nightmare dream national job and cant do it...typical