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18-07-2010, 18:22
Basically I've run to the end of this edition, as I do each and every other. I've loved every minute of it but it's about time I attempt a journeyman save in preparation for FM11 where I'm going to begin journeyman.

To get straight down to the point, I've never really done one before, I'm not sure what leagues to do, how long one should last and how low down I should begin. I could probably run all major European nations all down to tier 2 with the English system down to League 2.

Please can anyone give me any suggestions with each little detail involved from league nations to past experience to load all players from etc so I can ensure my swansong of FM10 is the best possible,

Many Thanks.

18-07-2010, 18:53
Any help haha?

18-07-2010, 19:06
Maybe you need to wait more than 30 mins for a reply - tis a Sunday many people are doing other things, maybe even playing FM10 to visit the forums (something many people do during the week while at work). For a good journeyman game I would suggest loading as many leagues as possible down to the lowest level possible with the largest database available that your system allows you to use (i can not be specific here as I don't know your system specs!). Set your rep to sunday league player and unemployed. Wait for a job to become available anywhere accept the job and take them as far as possible as you can or until a better job becomes available that you want. Repeat and repeat. If you get a big club job why not stay for 5 years and dominate and then move on to a much smaller team! If you ever get bored somewhere quit and fine a new job in a new country! (Remember not to set your rep to anything higher than sunday league as you will walk into most jobs with a higher rep but you should earn this by managing at lower levels!)

18-07-2010, 19:12
Well I started a game like this a while ago. The leagues I loaded were down to League 2 in England, the top 2 divisions Spain, Italy, Germany and Ireland. I also loaded the top division from Argentina, Brazil, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, South Korea, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Holland, Portugal, Russia, France as well as those from custom leagues Japan, New Zealand, UAE and Egypt. I started off unemployed with a semi-pro reputation. I would have liked to have had a few more leagues but wanted the game to run reasonable but I am happy enough with that.

18-07-2010, 20:18
Thanks :) Any chance anyone could post me a link to the UAE league system please?
Many Thanks

Lower Leagues Rule
18-07-2010, 20:26
Just go to the Editors Forum and look in the "Created Leagues" thread :)

18-07-2010, 20:26
Have a look here (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/200489-The-Official-Created-Competitions-Download-Thread). :thup: