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18-07-2010, 16:35
so in the summer i bought some italian central defender (a regen) who was 20... worth 14m (he is a "wonderkid") and will be 4 1/2 stars potentially, and is currently 3 stars at age 20!

so... what could go wrong?! he came over from valencia where he'd been for the last year and after the first friendly game he'd decided he hasn't settled in. i gave him a leave of absence and he came back, saying his homesickness has gone, and he made his league debut... scoring on his debut (the winning goal in fact). 2 weeks later, the same thing happened! I sent him back to italy for a month and he came back, saying the same.

but while he was gone he got angry because i wasn't picking him for games :mad:

and now AGAIN he wants to go on a leave of absence... i haven't given him one for a few months. My question: Will his homesickness/considering his options feelings go if i keep him here, or should i look to sell him and forget about him?

18-07-2010, 16:42
That's strange about complaing of no games. When he has been with your squad has he been playing?

I had a player who was from Argentina. He didn't settle and I let him away twice. After the second he seemed okay but is now on loan so hopefully when he comes back he will be ready to go.

18-07-2010, 17:10
he's played every single game when he's in the country and plays really well

edit: him comlaining of no games made him want to leave the club... he no longer complains anymore since he plays, its more of the question should i sell him or not?

18-07-2010, 17:37
the homesickness usually passes after one season. When you start next season you will probably get a message saying he's now settled in the area

Neil Brock
18-07-2010, 17:45
Yeah it's a bug we're aware of and are looking into in regards to being unhappy with not being played when on a leave of absence - to be honest best way to get them over 'being unsettled' is to keep them with the squad, let them learn the language and understand the culture. Some with a low adapability may never get it and always be low in morale, but hopefully this kid will come good for you.

19-07-2010, 10:11
its not the morale... he's had superb/very good for several weeks now. but he starts every game "playing nervously" and it usually finishes like that. I've just had a quick search and read about buying foreign coahes/players on his favoured personnel list, i'll give that a shot

19-07-2010, 12:16
I have almost the same problem with my most valued player, a Brasillian whom I bought from a team in Spain. I gave him a leave of absence after winning the league since he wasn't registered for any cups (Bought him in January). When he came back he said he was over his homesickness but he was still unsettled. I asked if he could think of an international teammate of his who could help him settle and he came up with a crappy defender.
Just to help him settle I bought him anyway. Hoping I can get some use out of him lol.

19-07-2010, 12:43
Same thing happened to me 2 or 3 times and also osmething else that annoyed me is that i got the Ac Milan job after resigning from Tottenham so on the very same bit as i'm picking my Euro Cup squad i comfirm the transfer of Rafael Toloi from Spurs .. but obv Toloi isn't yet in the squd as i have to continue bu cannot until my Euro Cup squad is picked so i pick the squad hit continue and my next message "Toloi unhappy at not getting picked for euro cup squad " which i could do nothing about and he wanted to leave after 1 day !

19-07-2010, 13:10
In my experience, I've found the best thing to do is just hold them at the club. Send them on a leave of absence at a time when you know you definitely won't need them, maybe once or twice a season. Give them enough games to not complain.

Everyone I've had has settled after a full year of being in the country.

19-07-2010, 13:41
If you're managing on the continent, then the christmas break is a great time to let your homesick players home, other than that you've jsut got to make them stick it out IMO.

19-07-2010, 22:54
I had the same problem with an italian newgen CD/DM player called Luca Anastasi, also a wonderkid. I sent him home to italy 2 times the 2nd time when he got back to the club, i gave him a long contract, got my star Midfielder to Tutor him, and asked him to suggest a coach from his old team, and favord players he has played with. Within 6 Months hes happy and settled, at the club looking forward to a glorious future with me.


20-07-2010, 14:17
but he wasn't even playing in itialy when i signed him, he'd never played in italy... only one (yes, one) season in spain and he was 20! i checked his favoured personnel and he has no one but the italian manager (who he has never played for)

at least he's getting bids of 15m so i might sell him over the summer if he doesn't man up :P

20-07-2010, 16:07
I never ever let someone leave the club for a period. And in contrast, I always sell players who wants to leave, be he Messi or whatever. Team is the keyword here. If someone is unsettled I will let him sit on the bench until he either adapts or wants to go.
I also try to sign players who have a "positive" personality, and I rarely have these problems mentioned because of that.

20-07-2010, 16:54
I've had something similar in terms of constantly sending a player on a leave of absence, but in this case it was a youth player, who was suffering problems in his private life, sent him on a leave of absence 3 times in a few months, each time when he came back he said that he was fine. Because he had poor stats and no future in the game (for me at least), and was only just into the reserves, after what may have been the 4th time that he came back saying things were sorted and then shortly, after wanting more time off, I just released him on a free transfer.

28-07-2010, 14:27
Sorry for the bump but he finally "solved" it when his languages spoken included English... from now on i'm only buying players who speak english!

28-07-2010, 14:40
I have actually had a problem with Jack Rodwell EVERYTIME I have signed him, no matter which club it is for.

He seems to have "Personal Problems" about 6 months into his career at my club (no, I haven't been shouting at him! :) ) and it never fixes itself. If I give a Leave of Absence, he comes back saying he has resolved his problems, only for it to happen again a few weeks/months later. If I ignore it, he stays constantly unsettled.

This seems to happen with no other player in my experience. I just can't keep the lad happy and end up selling him off. Very very strange.

Any ideas guys?

28-07-2010, 14:42
no no no not jack rodwell, i'm seriously thinking about signing him now!

28-07-2010, 14:44
no no no not jack rodwell, i'm seriously thinking about signing him now!

Well, many other people seem to have years of success with the guy, which is why my experience seems so odd. You should be fine with him. :)

28-07-2010, 14:46
yeah thats why i was thinking of signing him, its 2014 and i've been to every world cup game (we won it twice in a row now on my save :D) and he played well... i'd guess its because he's been at the same club all his career hasn't he? he might not like your club :P

28-07-2010, 14:51
he might not like your club :P

I could tolerate him not liking Liverpool, Newcastle and West Ham, but Southampton? Wash out your mouth with soap lad. ;)

28-07-2010, 15:03
Jack Rodwell.. a top class player for sure, and always happy when i sign him. Maybe you need to have a chat with him , show him your trophy room, and say, "see those spaces in the cabinet, i want you to help me fill them with trophies". That should bring him round, it worked wonders with me Italian wonderkid when he was homesick. :D

29-07-2010, 01:29
Yeah I try not to send them away if I can because, well, what's the point? You want them to adapt so they can become part of your squad so why send them back to their home country which just stops them adapting to yours?