View Full Version : What's the longest you've gone.....

18-07-2010, 15:37
Without paying money for player?

I like to play a journeyman game, often starting with a randomly assigned club who very often have no money but I finally paid 1k for a player with the potential to be the best player the club has ever seen.

It's taken me 48 months to finally pay for a player. So how long have you gone without?

18-07-2010, 15:39
I went from Jan 2026 to July 2028. So 2 and a half years.

18-07-2010, 16:59
So far my True Career is in Aug 2010 (yes I have just started a month ago), and into my second season with some lowly Portuguese mob I managed promotion with in my first season. I have signed 20 players and lost 15 - not once has money changed hands in any transaction. Also with me closing on 100K of red debt (status is insecure) I don't think I'll be paying for a player any time soon.

I have had whole short games (4-5 year games) where I never pay for a player - or receive money for any.

18-07-2010, 17:06
I'm 3 seasons in at the minute with Dunfermline and I haven't paid or recieved a fee yet. Mostly thanks to our enourmous debt.

18-07-2010, 17:33
The first fee I spent was 35k at the start of my fifth season, that was the only fee I had paid until I finally splashed out 1.3m in my eighth season on five players.

18-07-2010, 17:38
I went 5 seasons relying on free's and loans

18-07-2010, 17:41
7 years on my FM09 Dover Athletic save.
Spent 1 year in BSS, 1 in BSP and 5 in League 2. Soley relied on freebies, mostly rejected Premiership youngsters.
When I finally got promoted to League 1 I actually spent my first money: 55k on a promising Irish AM... Never actually performed well for me in the 3 years I had him but still sold him for 5.5mil. :D