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17-07-2010, 21:56
Would you love to see this in the game ?

For example you could declare yourself to the board and fans, that the club will be now concerting on an youth policy, which will help you not too be sacked ?

In fm10, i've had an journeyman save, that has taken me to the top clubs in the world, now i have been appointed leeds manager and have won the prem within 2 years of my arrival, one of the other things i have been doing is buying 15 or 16 year olds from other clubs and training them myself, it can be really frustrating and annoying at times, but in the end worth it. Yet i have still spend over 28m on new players(this window), for the fear that i need to cement the team into at least top 4th spot each year, i feel bad for spending money on older players, but in the end it necessary, to compensate i have a small squad, which i use the younger players as backup, so in the end they got an decent amount of games per season.

I have also set myself an limit on how much i can spend on one player, that is 20m and i will not pay over 100 grand per week in wages.

What your experiences with youth policy ? Have you ever had a squad where the only new players arriving, are 15, 16 year olds and then the squad is recycled over time, with the older players (who throw paddys, want more money etc), been sold for premium price and the younger ones taking there place ?

17-07-2010, 22:04
Most people do this.

17-07-2010, 23:01
For me, and I'd imagine most others, developing youth players and watching them turn into great players is one of the most satisfying elements of the game. I think it would be great if youth policy or something of the like was added to your manager profile stats.

17-07-2010, 23:32
I think you should be able to set out your aims for the club, in a more substantial fashion than in press conferences. Perhaps in a board meeting when you're negotiating to join the club or something. As at almost every club I'd be setting out my plans to rarely sign anyone over the age of 24.

18-07-2010, 01:35
Done this for nearly 25 years at Tottenham. Used to bring in 10 15/16yo every season and turn 2/3 into 1st team players. Also went the extra step in only signing english players after about 10 seasons. Ended up at one point with 10 players in Englands starting 11 and 18 in a 23 man World Cup squad. Found some real gems along the way and there's nothing better then finding a 16yo who becomes the best player in the world 5/6 years later.

Did have a lucky season when i found 5 wonderkids who become starters by 18. Checked FMRTE when i left the club and turned out they all had PA above 185 with 2 at 197.