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17-07-2010, 21:53
Hello all, yes it's another laptop thread.
Seen as I practically know nothing about what I'm looking I figured you guys could help out.

Basically I want a laptop that'll play the 3D game engine and a fair few leagues at a fairly decent speed, for example I normally load up about 24 leagues from 13 nations.

Budget is about 500-550, any help is much appreciated.


17-07-2010, 22:03
I'm sure someone more savvy with actual knowledge of brands but some advice from me who knows hardware.

If you're after a laptop, get a decent one because if you go cheaper, you'll only be paying for upgrades or a whole new one sooner or later. Bear in mind that the new FM could require more requirements.

More than 3GB of Ram is my little input for you. I have 2GB of Ram and whilst it's okay to run, I'd like more. I'll be upgrading soon myself.

17-07-2010, 22:07
Cheers for that, i'll bear the amount of RAM in mind.

Brian Shanahan
17-07-2010, 22:17
First question I'd ask is "do you need a laptop, for anything else?" if the answer is no then I'd tell you to buy a desktop, especially if you're running games off of it. They're easier to upgrade, don't get as hot (thus having a longer shelf-life), and tend to be better set-up for playing games. Laptops are work on the go computers.
As Stem said 3GB of RAM is a good idea, a decent graphics card (you're very unlikely to get a good one unless you're building yourself), a processor significantly higher than 2GB (which is the minimum requirement on Vista) and very good batteries (for if you're moving around).

17-07-2010, 22:24
Well tbh, I'd prefer a laptop, I'm on the move alot and generally prefer playing FM when I'm just chilling out, so a desktop is probably a no-no.
So i'm looking for so far 3GB+ RAM, and a processor higher than that, okay, thanks.

18-07-2010, 13:02

What about this?
Decent performance for price?

18-07-2010, 14:35

What about this?
Decent performance for price?

I would say so. For the price range that your in, doesn't look that bad a deal to be honest with you.

18-07-2010, 17:43
Cheers, and that would run FM pretty well?
3D pitch included?

18-07-2010, 18:02
Cheers, and that would run FM pretty well?
3D pitch included?

Yes, very well in fact.

18-07-2010, 18:58
Excellent, nice one everyone.

18-07-2010, 19:01
That laptop you posted the link to is the one up from mine(i have the aspire 5735) and mine runs FM quite well so i would definately recommend that Laptop.

19-07-2010, 06:52
I have a good laptop for you but cheaper and everything you want in it, it has a good dedicated graphics 512 card 4gb ram and 320 gb for only 479 and its dell.


I hope i have helped you.

19-07-2010, 07:49
More than 3GB memory is only useful if you're running a 64-bit operating system. A 32-bit OS can only address about 3.2GB

Any one of these would do you just fine.


19-07-2010, 12:30
Thanks for that TJJESSE and danfraser.
How much of a difference does the processor make to the performance? And which is better, an Intel i3 or AMD Turion dual core or an Intel dual core?

19-07-2010, 12:34
And you're saying that if I wanted 4gb of RAM for example, the operating system would have to be a 64-bit to use this much RAM to it's full potential?

19-07-2010, 15:43
Gaz - Here is a really good and helpful website that may give you more answers. I went here when I was deciding what laptop to buy.


19-07-2010, 16:00
Thanks mate, i'll have a look in there.

19-07-2010, 18:11
I own a Toshiba A500-1GL laptop.

It has an Intel Core i3 CPU @ 2.13Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 500Gb HDD, nVidia 330m graphics with Win 7 64-bit. 1366x768 resolution.

It runs Football Manager fairly well. Full settings with regards match engine graphics and the game processes all but the most congested fixture lists in a reasonable time with over 25 leagues selected in 13 countries on a large database. Most people would probably want to run a few less leagues though but this game is copied over from my PC.

It will run most other games too on at least mid settings.

It cost me about 550 6 months ago.

Neil Brock
19-07-2010, 18:24
If you're a bit clueless about the best graphics cards in a laptop I'd suggest checking this out - http://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Graphics-Cards-Benchmark-List.844.0.html

Steve E
19-07-2010, 21:41
It seems a lot of Laptops in the 15" variety have the 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD5470 yet this falls in position 101 on that link above. However a 17" Laptop from Dell for about 670 has a Mobility Radeon HD 5650 which is in position 41!

However would either of them be good enough to run the 3D? Im getting a new laptop myself and would love to run all the nifty 3D effects. The thing is, I dont think I want a 17" laptop because the bigger it gets the worse it gets for being portable. So can anyone advise a 15" laptop with the Mobility Radeon HD 5650?

Steve E
19-07-2010, 21:50
Also confused when you see the graphics card listed as 'Intel HD' with 1800MB Dedicated Memory. Seems like a load of sales speak to me!