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17-07-2010, 17:18
So how many signings do you make per season?? how many pre?? and how many mid?? How do you find the balance of integrating new in to your team?? I find signing players quite difficult, what if you buy the wrong player?? What if you sell the wrong one??

I am currently in my first full season as AS Roma after taking over during mid-season (2013/14) and made 3 first team signings.

I'm now in pre-season and I have made two big signings and some smaller ones.

Looking to make a few more then i'll be done, don't think i'll make any mid-deason.

17-07-2010, 17:20
Pre season normally 3 or 4. Mid season normally none, but i try and sell 1 or 2 if i don't use them.

17-07-2010, 17:33
How on earth did you get Marchisio for 6.5M??? I got him for 55M in 2013. Congrats for getting him so cheap though, he is class.

On topic: It depends for me, in pre-season i normally buy 4-5 youngsters with potential, then in January buy if I'm in need for a player or more.

17-07-2010, 17:58
How on earth did you get Marchisio for 6.5M??? I got him for 55M in 2013. Congrats for getting him so cheap though, he is class.

On topic: It depends for me, in pre-season i normally buy 4-5 youngsters with potential, then in January buy if I'm in need for a player or more.

I got him because we wasn't playing alot that season and his contract was expiring, so thought what the hell.

17-07-2010, 18:16
First season i'll sign 8-10 players, usually young and not first teamers.

I never buy or sell in January unless i have a real injury crisis.

Anywhere after the first season i'll buy about 2-3 good players a season, and about 4-5 regens.

17-07-2010, 18:20
I think making lots of new signings is a bit like.... gorging on fast food. It feels good at the time but when it's done you start to regret it. I've had games where I've made six or seven pre-season signings and then regretted when I realise I'm going to struggle to play players who I really like. These days I try to make as few signings as possible and only where I think it's genuinely needed. I rarely do any business in January.

17-07-2010, 18:21
I think the optimum no. is 5 or 6? coz the more signings you make, the less chemistry your team will have. thus not playing to its full potential.

1st season signings:
2nd season signings:
3rd season signings:

you see that i sign a lot of players. but most of them are youths.

17-07-2010, 19:18
muhaimin: You sure spend tons of money for a club that's in over 600 mil pounds debt.

17-07-2010, 20:13
In 10 and an half seasons of managment in my save, I've signed 54 players I've managed two different club teams, and most of those players were brought in during the first 2 seasons at each, then I had balanced teams.

At Liverpool:

1 - 13 signings - 194 million(had rich owners) - Raised 132 million
2 - 6 - 19 miliion - Raised 59 million
3 - 2 - 19.5 million - Raised 27.5 million
4 - 0 - 0 - Raised 84 million
5 - 3 - 13.5 million - Raised 64 million
6 - 0 - 0 - Raised 2.6 million
7 - 0 - 0 - Raised 25.5 million
8 - 5 - 7.25 million - Raised 39.5 million.

At Spurs (I joined in December of a season)

1st 1/2 season - 10 signings - 81 million - Raised 3.3 Million
1 full season - 7 - 45 million - Raised 39.5 Million
2 - 7 - 114 million - Raised 177 Million
3(just started) - 1 - 0 million - Raised 34 Million

17-07-2010, 20:17
As many as my transfer budget allows really.

17-07-2010, 20:55
i probably sign 3 players a season who can go straight into the 1st team, normally replacing ageing players or those who have moved on for whatever reason.
youths really depends. if i see a bargain youth i normally just go for them

17-07-2010, 22:23
Depends who you are managing. If im a lower end Prem side ill sign 5 max, usually 1 jan maybe 2 and sell a good few. Sometimes ive kept whole squad as it is until Jan

Nottingham Forest
17-07-2010, 22:23
i usually sign loads of players and offload lots of players if i get the right value for them. thats why it takes me long to get promoted. but unless im forest i add one or two maybe few more and i do good.

18-07-2010, 00:44
There's never one answer really, it all depends on money, need, and availability. When I've got a young squad that's doing good though at top flight rarely would I sign mroe than 4-5 sometimes even just 1-2 (regens)

18-07-2010, 01:07
about 3-5 a session, mostly on free transfer (or low fees in case of decent regens)

18-07-2010, 08:01
muhaimin: You sure spend tons of money for a club that's in over 600 mil pounds debt.

Haha (are you saying i cheat to get the money? i sense sarcasm there. -_-"). See properly, the money spend on the youngsters can help me to balance back whatever i have spent. These are very talented youngsters which i bought for at least 2 mill and i can sell if need to for at least 7 million.

Each season I will get at least 55mill to spend. On top of that, I do sell my players. To help you see my point, i have upliaded 3 screenies to show you the transfer ins / outs. From there you can do your calculation.


From these images, you can see that everytime i spend alot, i get my money back from selling my other players.

However I do feel that it is a little bit unrealistic coz how the hell did the owner get the money when the club have over 700mill of debt.

18-07-2010, 10:15
I would say four at the start and maybe another two at Christmas. Obviously, after taking over a new team or getting promoted, there will be big gaps in your squad that need filling.

This season I got two first team regulars and a couple of veteran bench warmers. For Christmas I want a right back, and a striker if I can sell my Brazilian attacking midfielder. (I have a LOT of attacking midfielders and only one right-back.)

18-07-2010, 12:21
My mate when he played would never sign regens for the simple fact they didnt have a proper player pic lol. Used to make me laugh. He thought it looked stupid

19-07-2010, 13:00
I buy one or two stars per season, if needed. Also I try to improve the youth and reserve-teams a bit with some high PA kids. I usually have over half my transfer-budget left at the end of each season. Last season I had over 100M left at United.

19-07-2010, 14:33
Depends how the previous season went, if I have just got promoted I invest heavily to get the team up to scratch. Whereas in my last season with Newport I got into the Europa league and finished 5th so i'm only planning on getting one or two new players (if that) since i'm trying to save as much as possible to get a new stadium built. The stadium limit of 15,000 is really bad for income and means that I'm struggling to find better players to improve but only offering meager wages.

19-07-2010, 15:04
I used to change whole team as much as the budget allows but strings of failures made me think that the harmony is disrupted that way and I've been forced to make as less signings as possible which is not like me.

Lower Leagues Rule
19-07-2010, 19:40
Well I generally play a long game starting at the bottom of one of the major European league systems. It all depends on what point in the league system I am as to how many players I would be signing. In my current Evora game, I started at the bottom of the league and have worked my way to becoming a Champions League winning team.
In my first season i gutted the entire team and started from scratch, so about 30 signings in year one, it took me to a top end finish in the 2nd Division South in season 1.
The Second season I then only picked up 4-5 extra signings (1 year contracts) which got us up into the Liga Vitalis.
After Promotion I usually gut the team again, which this time was not as big, but again I signed 15 new players into the team most were starters, this got me to just below the Promotion spots, but it took 3 more seasons of signing 3-4 a season to take out the League and gain promotion.

In the Liga Sagres I only signed 5-6 players a season early on until I made it comfortably to the top 4 and was able to match Benfica, Sporting & Porto. From there onwards I dropped to signing 2-3 total players a season until I had won everything I could, but following that victory in the last two seasons I have signed 15-20 players a season, every single one of them has been between 15 & 20 and signed for the future as I am about to sell all my seniors and try to rebuild once more.

Crazy Billy-Jay Jones
19-07-2010, 19:47
Usually just a handful. Of those, 1 or 2 will be "big name" signings, the rest will either be bargains or youths.

The one exception has been Arsenal, where i've brought in 14 players (60m+) in the Jan and summer transfer windows. It needed to be done though, the squad was a total mess when I took over.

19-07-2010, 21:14
Preseason I'll buy in players for positions that need upgrades and I try to buy some youth talent. Midseason, I buy for positions where my players have been **** for the season so usually 1 or 2, rarely 3.