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Dirty Harry
17-07-2010, 15:24
Don't you think it would be great if they released a sort of non time held classics game, or even just database to look at full of classic players from way back to 66' and before up to anyone currently alive/death and retired who is regarded as a classic or who had a game, or game faccet particulary worth mentioning? Or even some strange sort of game that just lumps them all together, or a set of games from periods when there were great teams. The dutch total football teams, the great brazil team, the Maradona team, winning Uruguay team, classic Croatia with Suker, Jarni, Bojan etc and so on.

17-07-2010, 17:02
Look in the Editors forum, there is one.

Dirty Harry
17-07-2010, 18:39
Yeah but i mean an official one.

Dirty Harry
22-07-2010, 13:55
Anyone heard of one?

22-07-2010, 14:00
No there isn't an official one and I doubt there ever will be due to the amount of work that would be involved for little gain.