View Full Version : strange...

16-07-2010, 23:16
I've started a new game with Rotherham United, playing my first friendly right now, for some reason i can only watch the game in 2d Classic, all the other options turn into pitch black and the game clock stops running.

16-07-2010, 23:20
Update your drivers? There is a FAQ at the top of the page

16-07-2010, 23:22
it was doing fine in my parma save just minutes ago

16-07-2010, 23:25
If you load that up again does the same problem happen?

16-07-2010, 23:37
Reload it and it didn't work. Loaded my parma save, was fine. reloaded Rotherham save and seems fine now. dunno, thanks for help though..

17-07-2010, 00:15
LOL. Any thing I can do to help I guess.

TBH I like problems that solve them self with out me having to think.