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16-07-2010, 22:45
Ok. So I got bored of managing Tottenham and Shrewsbury so I started with Barca. But.. I have a dilemma. Who shall I sell because my wages are too high. I want to sell peolpe which will not cause disruption. Like Millito and Keita. Any help please? Thanks.

16-07-2010, 22:51
By the end of the season you more than make enough to cover the wages and always get a huge transfer budget, personally I would not worry too much. When I have played as Barcelona the only player I ever sold was Henry.

16-07-2010, 23:01
The only thing im worried about is signing players. I mean with £10,000 whos going to come to me ?

16-07-2010, 23:08
You mean you have £10,000 left in your wage budget?

How much have you in your transfer budget?

16-07-2010, 23:12

16-07-2010, 23:12
What season are you in?

16-07-2010, 23:14
Havn't even played a game yet. So first :)

16-07-2010, 23:17
Edit the budget to get more wages, you could still have £40 million to spend and Barcelona do not really need many new players at the start.

16-07-2010, 23:21
Thanks Mate :)

16-07-2010, 23:23
Wait how do I do this again ?

16-07-2010, 23:25
Go to board confidence screen and edit the budgets there. Drag the slider over to give you more wages and confirm.

17-07-2010, 11:09
If you wait until about October the board raise your transfer and wage budgets due to an improved financial condition (at least they did in my game). So if you want you could just ride out the first transfer window and wait for January.

17-07-2010, 12:59
Another way, is to simply sell or free transfer a lot of the dead wood, in the 'B' team and youth team.

With any club, I'll only retain players from the reserves and youth teams, if I think they can be developed, either to make the first team, or be sold for a profit in the future. The rest, I'll sell or free transfer.

Also, I've never seen the point of a huge first team squad. If there are fringe players who will only likely play a couple of matches a season, then I would rather sell them and free up the budget some more for "major" signings.

At Barça, you'll have plenty of important key players who can play comfortably in a number of positions and roles. Therefore, you'll always have plenty of cover and not need two or three individuals for each first team position.

I know... it's easy to sign lot's of players in the belief it gives a squad depth. "ooh, I'll sign him... and him... oh, and him too!" - but if players don't play, they become unhappy, cause disruption, etc...

A lean squad, with players who can play a couple of positions, is a happy, efficient and cost effective squad :)