View Full Version : National team scouting sucks...

16-07-2010, 19:32
How comes my England scouts seem to scout always the same players over and over?

I've set one scout to each role (K, D, M and F) for Premier League and one for younger players in the Championship.

Still the reports are always about the same players, and even those of big clubs like Arsenal etc are left out or it takes ages for the scouts to report about them.

After like 3 months in charge I don't even have the scout reports for all the 26 players in the squad...

Any way to solve that annoying problem?

16-07-2010, 19:34
You have scouts for the national side?

I've always used the assistants & coaches and they seem to report fairly quickly.

16-07-2010, 19:37
Yes sorry I meant coaches, but still the problem persists