View Full Version : Saved Data Issue - Save game cannot be loaded after I transferred it.

08-07-2010, 14:27
Recently I put all my save games on a USB to transfer them over when I installed Windows 7. I finally got that done and installed windows 7, then Football manager. However, after I put my saved games back I can no longer play them as I see an error saying:

Save Game Could Not Be Loaded.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Ive tried all of my backups for the save game and they didnt work. I really dont want to start a new one either..


08-07-2010, 14:33
Make sure you install the latest patch (or at least the same version you saved the games in).

08-07-2010, 15:56
Problem sorted, but hate to be a pain here, When putting back in the Hall of Fame file, where do you put it? I tried putting it in the Football Manager 2010 folder and restarted but I still didn't see it when i logged back onto it. There must be a folder in which I place it? Date etc?

Sorry again.