View Full Version : Can you build your reputation as an under 21 manager?

Richard Wright\'s Championship Medal
07-07-2010, 23:49
I have tried searching for "under 21" and get no results (apparently terms are too common, oh well, at least i tried)

Anyway, I didnt realise you could start as an under 21 manager and so i have just created a manager with automatic reputation, and started my game as manager of England Under 21s. I quite like the idea of getting a crop of youngsters used to playing good, passing football!

What i have noticed, however, is that there is no "confidence" option. Does this mean that there are no expectations on me and that i thus can't get sacked?

Also, if there arent any FA expectations, does that mean that no matter how many games/ under 21 tournaments I win, my reputation wont increase? I would like to be seen to have done a good job and eventually (many years down the line) either get the senior team job, or go and manage in the CCC

Any help appreciated!

08-07-2010, 00:51
I have never played as u21 manager so i dont know about sacking but you will probably get sacked. And you will definitely get reputation inc if you will win cups. it will be very little though.

TBH international confidence system is poor imo. :(

Richard Wright\'s Championship Medal
08-07-2010, 15:10
cheers, i'll give it a go then. Just seems strange that, if i manage england (senior side) there is the FA confidence part where it says how it expects me to perform in competitions, but this doesnt appear if you are under 21 manager- made me think that perhaps you wouldnt get any recognition for winning matches. If that was the case i would just manage them with international footballer as past experience so i could do it for a few years and then move on, but if i will get reputation for it then i'll stick to automatic.