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07-07-2010, 16:32
Could someone explain to me how a network game works and what its like please? Just my mate is on about getting FM he hasnt played for a good few years maybe since CM 00/01 or so. Is it any good and are they simple to play? I take it we both have to be online at the same time as well yeah?

Many thanks for any replies:thup:

Nottingham Forest
07-07-2010, 17:26
Hi mate, I have just recently set up an online game and i would suggest you both get hamachi. Heres the link. https://secure.logmein.com/UK/products/hamachi2/download.aspx. You want the unmanaged version. your friend will need this as well.

Nottingham Forest
07-07-2010, 17:27
First off, make sure you have "Run As Server" ticked in Preferences on Football Manager, your friend doesn't need this ticked, only you, then you set the game up, choose however many leagues you want on & that, you know how to do that lol, when that's done make sure you both have hamachi on, make sure you've powered it up, by clicking the Power Button in the bottom left of the app, and then click the button that looks like a triangle in the bottom right of the app, then click "Create A New Network" you can name it whatever you want, and give it a password, tell your friend to go on his hamachi, then click that triangle, but this time, click "Join An Existing Network" then give the network name & password to him, then you both should be on this network, then tell your friend, to right click on your network on hamachi, and click "Copy Address" then he goes on Football Manager, clicks Network, then "Join Game" I think it is, then he can right click in the box, click paste & then click "Okay" or "Join" can't think what it is, then he should be on your game.

I couldnt find the thread i started but heres pretty much how you set up an online game. me and my mate used this and we were in an online game in no time.

Hope it helps

07-07-2010, 18:54
ok nice one mate thanks a lot,can i ask how does it run online is it quick enough?is there a lag or anything?

07-07-2010, 18:59
in my experience the host has very little or no lag but for the other person it could take a couple of seconds to change screens when you click on players/clubs etc, loading times progressing through the days are good though this is in my experience though

Nottingham Forest
07-07-2010, 19:21
ok nice one mate thanks a lot,can i ask how does it run online is it quick enough?is there a lag or anything?

Im the host and my laptop is quite good and it is running fine but my friend says that his was lagging a bit