View Full Version : Time of conceding goals

06-07-2010, 21:16
Alright lads,

ive found that i concede the majority of goals straight after half time, as in the first ten minutes of the second half.
I keep attempting to change my tactics in different ways in order to not concede straight away but nothing seems to work! Dont get me wrong, obviously i dont concede a goal at that point every single game, but it does happen noticeably a lot. In addition, I know that the half time team talk is another factor, but it doesnt seem to change anything. Just wondring if anybody has any suggestions of how to stop this happening? Or is it a known bug of some kind?


p.s the new skin is terrible.

Luton Town
06-07-2010, 21:32
i concede many goals in injury time and i agree with the comment about the new skin

06-07-2010, 21:40
i tend to concede a lot of goals just after half time. i suspect team talks are to blame.