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06-07-2010, 18:26
I've seen some people on these forums only have one game since the release of FM2010, and what I want to know is how they do it? I can never seem to really enjoy a game and often my 'fun' games just hit a wall where something goes wrong and I just don't have the patience to turn it around. Any tips?

Nottingham Forest
06-07-2010, 18:40
I know how you feel mate. i struggle to get a long term save going n the longest ive had on fm 10 is bout 5 or 6 seasons. the best thing i would say is pick a club where you can build a team. where theres no pressure to succeed or get promoted. where you can build a team sell players to improve your finances for the next step. thats what i did with scunthorpe and i really enjoyed and its still going

06-07-2010, 18:42
my advice is to have a philosophy: such as signing big names, bringing youngsters through, using homegrown players, signing english players etc. also dont sign loads of pointless players each season otherwise it can get boring

06-07-2010, 18:43
I myself love long term games.

I thrive on the ability to develop youngsters with great potential into world class players and the ability to want to continuosly win.

Once the first regens start to hit peak, for me that is when the game becomes very addicting.

06-07-2010, 18:45
Also in a long game, if you are getting bored try and tske on a new challangee, lets say your a big tean, like arsenal, and you get bored. You should resign and become a lower team. Just try and think of challanges.

At the minute, I am trying to build a team with just my youth players.

Nottingham Forest
06-07-2010, 18:45
I would also like to add look around for bargains and frees which you can then sell. thats what i did and one of the transfers i got on a free in my 4th or 5th season was sean st ledger. amazing signing didnt offer him a large wage but bigger signing on fees and bonuses. That season i ran away with the championship. shame that in my first season in the prem he wanted to leave but i still got 6 mill for him which was good

06-07-2010, 19:32
Start at the bottom and work your way up, then you have plenty of potential achievements. Play as a team that has some personal meaning to you. Try and become an international manager as well, makes the game more varied and interesting when you have two squads and two tactics to maintain. Buy really promising young players, you'll want to play just to see how good they will become. Make sure you've got the game set-up exactly how you want, e.g. if at any point you intend to have a belgian feeder club make sure you have belgian top division at least viewable if not playable and use the editor to change any players who you think are unfairly rated and will irritate you e.g. (for me) gomes, zhirkov, milijas.

06-07-2010, 19:49
currently in 2024/2025 season with real madrid in my 'career' long save... i started with wrexham and moved from them to Carlisle then QPR then to Rangers in SPL then onto Stuttgart then finally onto Real where I have stayed the last 7 seasons or so... having won everything with them, i try and beat the records for the club... i.e my star striker is closing in on Raul's record for top league goalscorer, so thats my target... once done with Real, ill move to EPL or back to bundesliga as i have not won those leagues...

06-07-2010, 20:02
I think part of the key is to keep mixing things up a bit. I got bored of starting from the beginning, so downloaded a save game from 2020. Took over Liverpool for 8 years, tried a few things out with the club, then once I found a system I liked I set myself a target, to beat Man U's titles record, R.Madrids CL one, and beat Fergie on the HoF. Took over England as well, to keep things fresh. Decided it was time to move on, and went to Spurs. I'm currently in the 2032-2033 season.

06-07-2010, 20:22
Up until recently, i had never been past 2 seasons, never even took another job i dont think, once i was past the second transfer window i lost all interest, however i started a new one with my hometown club, kept them up then moved to a different country, exceeded expectations there then moved to a big job, taking all the decent yougsters i had signed, iv had that job for 3 seasons now, winning the league 3 times in a row and the champs league in the first season.As someone said before, it gets really good when your youngsters begin to make a name for themselves.

06-07-2010, 20:31
I've seen some people on these forums only have one game since the release of FM2010, and what I want to know is how they do it? I can never seem to really enjoy a game and often my 'fun' games just hit a wall where something goes wrong and I just don't have the patience to turn it around. Any tips?

IMO your biggest problem is that you seem to to think that enjoyment only comes through winning games/leagues/cups.

I think the sort of people you are referring to, like myself, find enjoyment from other areas of the game.

06-07-2010, 22:06
What I have found is when a game starts to get boring, switch clubs instead of starting over.

06-07-2010, 22:47
I have never managed to get past half a season as of yet... I got around half way with Athletico, but then formatted my mac and lost i all >_> Then i had my AS levels, so i have only just started again... At bradford now, planning on playing a long time on the save though, we'll see...

07-07-2010, 00:49
On season 13 of a career with FC Tours of France. (pretty kit)

Actually been quite a rough ride, but I'm looking forward to quitting once I've achieved European dominance, at which point it'll be nice to head into England and pick up a small club with my epic reputation.

07-07-2010, 07:29
To me the game gets a bit boring 4-5 seasons in - that's when many of todays stars are getting old but are still very good and there aren't many new regens. The real fun starts when almost all players in game are regens. I'm in season 2064-65...for 25 years I've stayed in Bayern, then went to Manutd for about 15 years, then to Barca for 2 seasons and now I'm back with Bayern. As someone mentioned it's all about setting yourself new challenges...reshuffling the squad, bringing in new players, trying a completely different tactics, now I'm trying to build op an all-German sqquad with Bayern but one which will be able to compete for CL title. Also when you are advanced so many years, there are many clubs which today are giants but in the game they've moved down a division or two...it might be interesting to take them back to the top.

07-07-2010, 08:36
On fm10 I have had one game. Well in fact I have had a few saves but they never lasted till the friendlies in season one, I was just too into my long term save.

What I did was take control of a local team quite low down the leagues, North Ferriby, and try get them as high as I can which at the minute is 5th in the championship in 2024.

On all the other FM games I could only manager a few seasons, I guess if you want to have a long save you can set your self challenges like win the league with English only players. Also try and complete the achievements.

07-07-2010, 08:39
I am presently on season 10 with my Manchester United career! :D

07-07-2010, 08:46
the most i have don is 2 season's,what is the best lower team i could take over and take to the premiership?

07-07-2010, 09:20
I think I've broken my record from CM97/98 this year.

The only way I can play a long-term save is by managing my fav team and trying to bring it to the top of the mountain... It takes a long-ish time, so there's also the challenge of finding and develooping good newgens.

I've tried the journeyman career and the "from rags to riches", but for some reason THAT bored me after a couple of seasons... And sometimes I'd pay more attentions to Rosenborg's results than to my club's, so it becomes a bit pointless... Like dating a girl while constantly checking on another one...

I don't think there is a perfect recipe for enjoying a long-term save... It took me like years to get back into that mindset, and for no actual reason... I've probably played more with FM09 and FM10 than with every edition from CM4 to FM2008 combined... It just happens ;)

07-07-2010, 09:30
OTher idea is to have Two managers as well one you want at club for example one you love like Ferguson and Wenger and build new teams and break records. The other you bounce rd different clubs in different countries learning different leagues and players which is good fun as you can uncover some hidden gems and also win different trophy. Also become International manager of different teams try win things.

I find this enjoyable. As others have suggest building youngster up to make world class and or see them have good career.

07-07-2010, 09:33
I haven't had decent long save in FM2010 yet and I'm running out of time.
2008 - I dominated Serbia with Red Star but never tasted European glory (12 year game)
2009 - I took Aston Villa to claim MY first ever EPL title but it took me 12 years to do so, and still no Euro success (24 year game)
2010 - Trying a career game starting in Russia.... 1 season down 2 pts above relegation :D . Possibly my longest this year to be honest.

I've never been a successful manager, which is why I stick to it as I want to win at some point.
And because I'm such a bad manager (well good enough to not get fired) any success feels like 3 times it's worth :P