View Full Version : what affects how good a player performs in each save? (player naming)

Pad Lal
06-07-2010, 18:26
A while ago i was playing a save as napoli manager and i bought miguel veloso for about 24million. even though his natural position is defensive midfield he is accomplished in centre midfield so i played him there as a deep-lying playmaker with a support mentality. His stats are amazing and suited this position but he averaged about a 6.40 rating in the 50 or so matches he played so i decided to cut my losses and sold him to chelsea for 20million. Now in a different save im managing hoffenheim and ive had a 14million offer accepted, if i sign him i will be playing him in the same role i played him in at napoli so i was wondering will he flop again? im hoping it was just that the italian league didnt suit him and he'll be one of the best players in the german league because he certainly has the stats to do so

06-07-2010, 18:45
With him being a deep-lying playmaker, maybe you didn't use him well enough, you should have had players making forward runs (RFD often) for him to play through balls into. This would have got a few assists and would have upped his average rating. Maybe you didn't motivate him well enough and he didn't respect you.