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06-07-2010, 00:01
Lets put this simply. Transfers are deeply flawed. Yes, they are better than before, certainly at high levels. But at lower levels it fails miserably - the reason for this is that transfers and the AI's evaluation of players is based on monthly assessment.

Take for example player x. He is 19 years old, and valued at 7k. My 17/19 scout claims that Dundee United, who he plays for, should accept offers of between 3k-4k. In late November, I start bidding for him. The following is the bid/response (bold=response) history:

5k+30%+1k after 10 apps/55k

The 55k came on the 1st of December, when the AIs assessment of its players changed.

This pattern repeats itself. A couple of tests show that, while less obvious, it shows in more expensive players also. A quick holiday, followed by bids for an in form Ashley Young (by Chelsea) follow:


Once more, the 46m comes after a change in month.

If you want, I can run further, more comprehensive tests, but these aere quite good on their own.

Needs fixing IMHO

06-07-2010, 02:57
scouts dont get it right much, like with regens they strugle on mine says he will cost 5 mil at start of season after a season scouted again said 6 so put in 6 got rejected then 7 then 8 both rejected made one for 9 and then they came back asking for 20