View Full Version : Regens and fitting in!

05-07-2010, 20:02

I'm Sheffield Wed in 2020, and have signed these players!

I've had them for just over half a season now and they are playing pretty well, just wondering how people would play them?

as a Complete striker, Ruud Meeuws is either banging them in getting hat-tricks, or playing a 5.8??

Douglas is playing quite well as an advanced forward, but i was thinkin maybe a Target man on support as my assistant has advised, however he isnt creative, and can score himself?

both are really good in the air but I'm short of quality crossers of the ball as my full backs can't cross, and neither can my left winger.

Any help would be appreciated.



05-07-2010, 20:32
Meeuws as a deep lying i would have thought, with his dribbling and creativity, I would probably leave Douglas as advanced.
As for the crossing, and im going to chip in with a question myself: are crossing and corner stats linked? Even if they are, have a play with their positioning on corners and make sure you get them on the end of the corners!

05-07-2010, 20:53
ok thanks!

i've never been good from corners on fm, my corner taker has a rating of 20 and i have a squad full of great heading players but never seem to score from them!