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05-07-2010, 12:25
I'll post this here - it's a long time since I've posted in GQ. Probably people will tell me to STFU.

Now I live in the technological dark ages when it comes to Mobile gaming. I've never atttempted to play FM or any other mainstream game on anything more portable than a laptop. When playing FM, I play "big" games (in terms of database size / number of leagues) and covet the detailed level of the wide functionality available. So I'm guessing I'd be unlikely to get the same level of enjoyment from a mobile or "portable console" port of the game.

I want to play my own save, whereever I am, to the same level of detail as I can play it at home.

With the generation of 4G mobile combined with always-on super-fast broadband, I would have thought there would be a decent market for a client-server model, where your home PC is the server and the thin client app sits on the portable device.

I'm sure there are a lot of difficulties to be surmounted. The thin client would need to be capable of rendering the 3D match engine (although not performing any of the match-engine calculations) for example. Solving these is what developers are paid for.

If someone comes along and tells me this is already available, I might just come out of my cave and exchange some of my Bank of England 1 notes for the privilege.