View Full Version : game crash

04-07-2010, 22:19
hi hope if any one can help me..I have installed some transfer update patches to my game and since my PC has started to freeze mid game and I simply have no control over my and have to reboot the machine every time it happens. I have tried 3 different updates and it seems to happen for all of them. I also have had to reformat my hard drive recently and never had this problem before. Could this be to do with the updates I have, graphics or is it my PC..can some one please tell me how I find out what is causing this..thanks

04-07-2010, 22:22
i usually stay away from uploading ANYTHING which has been created by someone outside s/i. The files may well be corrupt and cause problems not only for you when playing fm but for your pc in general.

05-07-2010, 07:17
Try starting a new game without any add ons and if it runs OK then the add ons are the problem

05-07-2010, 10:57
thank you guys , will try that