View Full Version : Sacked from Brazil after 1 away draw ?? :(

04-07-2010, 16:56
Sacked from Brazil after 1 away draw ?? :( , i know losses get you sacked but a draw vs peru lol after a 5 win run,

is there a way to change the database so its closer to other countries in terms of sacking there managers, Italy or spain for instance

04-07-2010, 17:15
I managed 2 draws and a loss with Brazil. Or was it two losses and a draw, I can't remember. I didn't get sacked though. I walked before they could fire me!

04-07-2010, 17:27
Why you never manage Brazil...

04-07-2010, 17:29
doing a Brazil Argentina game online with a friend, tried all sorts of national team, thought we go for the big too south Americans but being sacked after a game kinda ruins it lol, can this be cahnged in editor,

04-07-2010, 17:48
I will never coach Brazil as I see that after a draw you might get sacked.That is annoying.I prefer to coach Madagascar or Angola instead:D.

04-07-2010, 17:49