View Full Version : Financial bonuses in other leagues than EPL

03-07-2010, 21:58

In rules of EPL we can see how much we get for being first, second, third etc. But where I can find info about financial bonuses in other leagues, for example La Liga or Eredivisie?

Thanks in advance

03-07-2010, 22:43
Not every League has prize money, but some that do don't show it in FM.

In Spain, winning the Liga BBVA doesn't bring anything as i remember, if it does, it's a very small amount, like 1m or something.

French Ligue 1 winner gets around 13m, with teams below also getting some money, but this isn't shown in the League rules.

04-07-2010, 04:12
Sadly SI did not make it possible to see/change the current league setups in the editor.

08-07-2010, 10:34
I don't want to create new thread, so I'm going ask here :)

Why in Coupe de la Ligue winning team gets only 100k and loosers gets circa 1 million?