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02-07-2010, 23:36
Ok so... I want to apologise to everyone at SI for my criticism of the game back when it first came out. I have bought every FM except for 09 and loved 05/06/07 but couldn't get into liking 08, I just felt the match engine wasn't as good as 07. I never bought 09 because I was still enjoying 07 a lot.

I bought 10 the first day it came out, couldn't get used to the 3D match engine and I was frustrated with a few bugs that were there and I ended up going back to 07 yet again lol.

I actually took FM 2010 into CEX back in November and tried to trade it in. They said I could but for some reason they went "Not today though" So I took FM back home and left it sitting in the shelf for ageees.

I hadn't played it since November and didn't think i'd end up playing 2010 again... However I thought i'd check the website out to see how many patches had been released since then and saw that 2 (or is it 3?) had been released since then and I thought... Hmmm i'll install the patches and give it one more chance.

I have to say I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I watch the games in classic 2D view and I think the match engine is very good now. A lot of improvements have been made and I have to thank SI for making such a great game. I am enjoying this more than FM2007 now and that game was my favourite FM of all time haha.

So well done SI and apologies for my criticism last year.

02-07-2010, 23:44
Fan boy :p :p The patches have improved the game, but there are bound to be bumps with improved technology. Glad your enjoying the game :thup:

02-07-2010, 23:50
A refreshing change from the moans :thup:

03-07-2010, 00:37
Agree with the OP. Did exactly the same. Started playing once fully patched, really enjoying the game.

I will learn to wait when FM11 comes out, see what people make of it, wait for patches before moving from FM10.

03-07-2010, 00:48
Always good to have another convert!

Wish I could get into it, have tried so many times but I just can't stand FM10. Still on 09 for me. Will give 11 a try, but have a feeling it will be very similar to 10.